The time of year we here at the "Dell" all enjoy, Hunting season! We are a specialist in Wild Game processing and Taxidermy. We accept Wild Game year round and are your one stop for all of your processing and Taxidermy needs. Our techniques and recipes are refined and mastered over many years of processing experience. We offer the most comprehensive menu of products available to you. Our Deer Wellington and Deer Fajita are the sure reason you can justify why you hunt to your family. They'll love it, as well as our Smoked Sausage, Jerky and Salami. We've processed and mounted everything from White-tails, Axis, Fallow, Wild Hogs to Elk, Red Deer and Buffalo. Your experience with us will be as good as the hunt. Your satisfaction is important to us and we guarantee your deer every time. We are thorough in handling each animal we receive and process each day. Your animal is what you will receive. Our processing mirrors exactly what we do with our custom processing and there is zero tolerance for untrimmed carcasses of hair, feces and dirt. Your animal will be hung in our cooler box, not laid on the floor! Call us when you head out to the blind outside of the normal hunting season to ensure we have the cold box ready! Download a cut sheet for your needs below and give us a call to bring it on to the "Dell". Can't get here soon enough? Not a problem, just drop your quartered meat off on ice at one of our Farmers Market locations and we will get it back to you at the Market when completed.


All pricing includes cut, tenderize, grind and freezer wrap. Additional packaging options and our Specialty Products are available on our cut sheet for your review. All processing fees are due at drop off. There is a $60 minimum fee for all processing orders. We will not accept spoiled carcasses or quarters. If your animal is not eviscerated, there is a $30 fee to clean your animal, no exceptions. If your meat is not picked up after the fifth day from when you have been notified, or you have not made arrangements for delivery or shipping, it will be discarded. Please ensure your animal is tagged in accordance with State laws and your hunters log is completed. We are not responsible for your tags being completed accurately.

Whitetail Deer - $85
Wild Hogs - $85 up to 100 lbs,100+ .75 per lb
Mule Deer - $105
Elk Deer - $195
All Quartered game - $1.25 lb.

Processing includes cut, grind, tenderize, and paper wrap.

Venison Cut Sheet
Wild Hog Cut Sheet
Wild Game Cooking Instructions


We also offer a complete line of Taxidermy services for your Trophy animal. If you desire a Shoulder, European Mount or Horns on a board, our Taxidermy is one of the best in Texas. We can deliver what you need at the highest level of quality you would expect from a professional. Name your pose and we will direct the nose to your exact requirements. Download a Taxidermy sheet for your needs below and give us a call to bring it on to the "Dell".

Taxidermy pricing: Cape-Out - $35 +
Euro Mounts - $150 +
Shoulder Mounts - $415 +
Horn Mounts - $85 +
Hide Tanning - $180 and up

Taxidermy Pose and Tanning Sheet


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